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Aristo Wine


Aristo Wine

Meredith Sarboraria
A pedigree of local wine knowledge, armed with a degree in Enology, Meredith possesses a strong technical understanding and background in producing quality wine in the region. She has been in the wine industry since 1997, working her way up from cellar worker to assistant to winemaker. 

Meredith has a proven track record of cultivating and producing award winning wines and strives to continue that tradition with Aristo.




Aristo Wine

Rarig Ross
Production Partner
Rarig has over a decade of experience in the wine industry in California. He is the exclusive production partner for Aristo and Aristo sub-brands. He has worked with countless large California wine brands and handled production for a number of large west coast retailers. 

Rarig holds a great understanding for how the finest California wines begin from premium quality fruit to the bottle.

“Dictating the highest possible quality doesn’t limit itself to one site, vineyard, or region but the many choices made in the cellar before and after the wine is made.” --Rarig